July 12, 2016 A Bit Sluggish

July 12, 2016 A Bit Sluggish

It’s already July 12th, man oh man where does the time go? After finishing my last chemo treatment on Thursday, I felt the side effects waking up Friday morning. I thought I was going to have a full day of productivity before the side effects kicked in again, but I was wrong. I did see an acupuncturist Friday which I believe has helped.

Over the weekend I felt sick, there is nothing about these side effects that I can find positive. Oh yes, yes there is, I forgot, not having to shave my legs, my arm pits and best of all pluck that little devil hair that continues to appear on the bottom of my chin. 🙂

I am post Night 4 and feeling so much better. The days of feeling like I have no energy and an awful hangover with my entire body being sore (I have had no nerve pain in my mouth or feet this time, I believe due to the acupuncture) are hopefully once again behind me for the next 2 weeks. The entire experience of feeling sick is enough to send anyone into misery or a depression. I am so thankful however it only has lasted 4-5 days the last two treatments. I often think of how people are coping with an illness they have that has kept them in bed for days or even years. I am thankful my sickness passes after a very short (feels like forever during the fact) time.

I created another video log last Wednesday and wanted to post it before I went in for my treatment. I apologize I haven’t had the opportunity sooner. Tonight, I am feeling good and decided after putting the children to bed I would finish the vlog and do a quick post, so here it is.

I really am hoping I get better at doing video logs as it is much quicker to update. If you would like to subscribe to my channel on youtube just click here: Subscribe Here.

Thanks again for all your continued prayers. With Much Love- Tara



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  • I’m so happy to hear that the acupuncture is helping. I pray every day for something, including God, to help ease this journey, as it is long and hard on your body. I love you and your vlogs. They are great! Please keep doing them. Hope tomorrow is even better for you. Hugs for you and the family. Xoxo

  • Thank you for the update, my thoughts are always with you!

  • You are amazing and I LOVE seeing your smiling face! I’m so sorry you feel so crappy the few days after but Tara you are seriously rocking chemo like a champ! Accupunture is awesome.. I do it for my migraines and did it through the twin pregnancy. I’m a full believer in its work. And I love the bloopers.. Good ol Tara w her crazy fake languages! Bahaha!

  • You are so beautiful with and without hair, but that’s not a surprise. I am so glad you have less pain this time around, but the sickness is not fun. I keep praying for you on this journey and am inspired by your bravery, honesty and Faith. Sending you lots of love!!

  • You are beautiful with and without your hair. You make bald beautiful! What great focus on the positive – you impress me. Hang in there!
    Love Janet

  • I love your wig. You look beautiful with it and without it! So glad the acupunture is helping and that Tara thought off that. Thank you for sharing your scripture. I loved it. Praying for you. Sure wish you were up here and we could run into you!

  • You are loved by so many, Praying every day. Believing your journey will help so many others, Love you so much TADA … mom

  • Tara, your strength is mind-blowing. God used your story and journey to speak some powerful truths into my life while I was in Colorado. Thank you for being transparent and willing to share. I am praying for you!

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