May 1, 2016 No appointments on May 3.

May 1, 2016 No appointments on May 3.



Thursday, I received a call from my surgeon’s office informing me that my OncoDX results would not be back before May 3rd. This was the day I had previously been scheduled to meet with both my medical and radiation oncologists. They said the results would be back sometime May 6th a Friday so I needed to reschedule the meeting with both doctors beginning the week of May 9th. The earliest they could both meet with me was May 11th.  I was a bit disappointed but the good thing about waiting and pushing the appointment off longer would allow me to heal a bit more and give me more time to pack and get things done before starting treatment.


Friday, I had my post surgery check up. There is something about my surgeon that I just love. She is very caring and understanding, takes her time with me yet gets straight to the point. Lenny left from work to meet me and we had Charlie with us during this appointment. We weren’t expecting much but a check up on the two surgery incisions. I had a bunch of pain this last Sunday and was worried I had done too much or possibly had an infection as I have had pain since.


When my doctor entered the room. She asked how we had been and how things were going. She let us both know how disappointed she had been that my OncoDx results were going to be delayed but then she said they stepped up their work after one phone call and that she had my results on her desk first thing this morning. (Wow, awesome! Way to go Dr. she obviously carries some weight around here…lol). We then went straight into the results. At this moment I wasn’t exactly prepared to receive them.  We briefly discussed the results. These results are mainly for my medical oncologist to explain and inform me what treatment I will benefit from most.


I then had an exam of my two incisions and I explained I have been having pain and was worried I might have an infection. She explained the pink and white spider like web across my breast was not an infection but was lymphedema. Lymphedema is most commonly caused by the removal of your lymph nodes as a part of cancer treatment. It results from a blockage in your lymphatic system, which is part of your immune system. The blockage prevents lymph fluid from draining well, and the fluid buildup leads to swelling. It mainly occurs in the arm where the lymph nodes were removed during surgery. It occasionally will occur in the breast. There is no cure for lymphedema. To help express the build up of fluid you must apply pressure, for me it would entail wearing a tight fitting sports bra for a few hours or through the night. She was not sure if it would be temporary or long term. The joys that I am already starting to experience. 🙁


I sit here now with an 8 page pathology report that we went over but feel a bit clueless at the same time.  The OncoDx result was a score of 27. The OncoDx tests a panel of 21 genes in the tissue of the tumor. The end result is a number that determines your recurrence result. Now that I read all the small print my percentages are based from a study of 367 post-menopausal patients with node positive and estrogen receptor positive tumors. I’m not sure why I was compared to women that are post-menopausal. I will have a better understanding of my results when I meet with my medical oncologists.


Now that we have the results back sooner and my appointment is set for May 11th I was hoping to switch it back to this upcoming week so that Lenny could be with me but no luck. He put off going back to Arizona till the following week now, which means he will not be there for my May 11th appointment.


I hope everyone is having a great end to their weekend. I continue to thank everyone who is supporting us and continues to pray and share their love with us. We continue to be blessed by so many and again I greatly appreciate everyone!


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  • I had no idea you were going through all of this. I just read your entire blog. What an amazing, strong, courageous, and faithful woman you are. You have done nothing, but inspire me. May God continue to put his healing hands upon you.

    • Thank you Rachael for your prayers, kind words and support! 🙂

  • I am so glad Lenny has been able to be there for you. The waiting would be so hard. I pray lymph edema is short lived. You continue to inspire me. Praying for your healing. Hugs and love! Every time I see your children, they are so happy. This is a testament to you and Lenny and your love as a family and your Faith. This too shall pass.

    • Thanks so much Tara for continued support! Your a great friend and I have lived in the prayer shawl since you gave it to me. Love the softness! Thanks again!

  • Praying for you all.

    • Thank You Marty! <3

  • Thinking of you💕

  • Darn, I wish you could have gotten the information in time for an appointment today! I am sorry that Lenny will be out town again when you could use him. How stressful! I am hoping for answers that make sense! I have the 11th on my calendar. I will be sending prayers your way! Love you all!

  • Prayers continue. Love you.

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