April 10, 2016 Big Day Tomorrow

April 10, 2016 Big Day Tomorrow

We arrived home yesterday from Arizona. It was a nice relaxing trip. One that I feel allowed the kids to enjoy and have fun before things begin to change a bit more here at home.

Tomorrow will be a big day of testings’. I am very thankful Lenny is able to work from Colorado these next few weeks. He would have still been in Arizona. Tomorrow, I will meet with my medical oncologist, my general surgeon, and I will have a mammogram, a MRI, chest-xray, and additional labs done. I am thankful they were able to combine so much in one visit saving me additional drives down.

I still have not received the results back from the genetic testings. After waiting two weeks and calling my doctors office to follow-up, I received a voicemail stating they will call when the results are in.

I continue to feel that this whole diagnosis isn’t real. I look at random people everywhere, especially older people and just wonder what their life story entails. If possibly they have gone through major health battles or if they have lived a long healthy life. I look at people who aren’t visibly healthy and wonder what kind of lives they may be leading and if they have taking any steps to change. I know this cancer is something I cant just change myself. I am going to be relying on the medical field and doctors. As I read my new “Breast Book” bible the steps I can take to help my own health is exercise and diet. These two things have always been important to me. I feel I have incorporated both exercise and a healthy diet for many years. I also have taken up using essentials oils a year ago, and love reading on the benefits of using them. I also drink Holy Basil tea once a day and have done this for nearly six months now. I know I cant dwell on things I feel I have done right or wrong although its been on my mind. Only God knows why I have this cancer and something great will come from it.

On a side note, weening Charlie hasn’t happened yet. I have been trying and Lenny has taken the role of putting her to bed without breast feeding. However, she just is able to get herself in certain situations where I resort to feeding her. Its been harder for sure this third time around. It probably didn’t help when the Doctor told me even if I stopped the next day after seeing her that the tests (being done tomorrow) would still be hard to read because it takes a full six to eight months for the milk to dry up completely to get a clear read. Therefore, a part of me is dragging it out only for Charlie’s benefit since she has no desire to stop anytime soon, but stopping cold turkey right before surgery isn’t ideal either.


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  • Praying for you tomorrow friend!! I’m off tomorrow so if you need any help pls call me.
    I had a friend put band aids on her breats and tell the toddler she couldn’t do it anymore cuz mama had owies and hand him a sippy cup w water each time and it worked! Go figure 🙂 love ya!

    • Thanks Stephanie! Great Idea. Im not sure how much she understands that band aids are for owies. So far its just her and I today and she keeps trying but Im resorting to a sippy cup of milk and one of peach mango juice (her first time having juice). Its almost nap time and she is doing ok once we get past the fits. 🙂 Thanks for your support and ideas!

  • We are always here to help with the kids….. You are amazing and we are praying for you and your family every night!

    • Thanks so much Tracey!

  • Tara
    We are thinking of you and wondering how yesterday went. No matter what, we know you can do it! We are here for you.

    • Thanks Janet!

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